AutoPerfekt Boost-Si Ceramic Spray Sealant

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BOOSTsi - is a HIGHLY concentrated Ceramic sealant& detailer for coated and non coated vehicles.  It has extremely hydrophobic, dirt repelling and protective properties and a long lasting gloss, keeping all paintwork and wheels cleaner for longer. Designed to be used as an initial protective layer and maintained after washing and drying your vehicle to increase protection and longevity

Directions for use:
1. Ensure surface is thoroughly clean and idealy prepped before application.
2. Shake well, using a clean microfibre applicator or cloth, apply to the applicator/cloth using 2 - 3  sprays.
3.  Spread evenly over the surface one panel at a time withought oversaturating, leave for 5 mins
4. Buff the area clear with a fresh microfibre towel. 
5. Allow 10 mins for product to cure before getting wet, longer cure time is preferable
6. can be used on all surfaces barring front window.

Pro-PerfeKt Ceramic range is our own fully developed in-house formulas, created to offer unique, and innovative products to both consumers and Accredited only detailers (product dependant).