AutoPerfekt Motion - tyre coating

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Motion tyre coating is a thick solvent-based tyre dressing designed with ultra-durable polymers & resins that ensure durability and hydrophobic qualities.  The viscosity of the gel enables precise application and prevents sling being thrown onto adjacent body panels. Tyres will be conditioned and treated to a very high gloss finish that will last wash after wash.

We created motion to cater for all tyre finishing preferences where the user can control how glossy they wish their tyres to be (see directions below)


  • Shake bottle well and apply a small amount onto a tyre applicator or sponge.

    Dab 3 or 4 dots around the tyre and gently spread your applicator around the whole tyre wall creating an even, long lasting layer with supreme shine. Stand back and admire.

    Note: Should the dressing be a little too glossy for some who like a more satin finish, use a fresh Microfibre and gently dab round the tyre and take your shine down to the level you want.