AutoPerfekt Polish + Ultimate All In One Polish (AIO)

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Our ultimate AIO, polish + is a Carnauba Wax based polish with light filling properties. Designed for hand or machine use. Featuring ultra-fine non-diminishing abrasives which help to reduce light marring, solvent-based chemical cleaning agents, heavy gloss enhancers coupled with a high grade carnauba wax & a durable sealant, this easy to apply product will polish, shine, and protect your cars paintwork in two easy steps. Leaving a clean, glossy and well protected finish. Ideal for anyone who wants to save time but wants long lasting results! polish +is our best formula yet.


  • Ensure all paintwork has been throughly washed and cleaned prior to use.

    By Hand

    1. Shake well & apply sparingly to an applicator and prime it so there is even coverage.

    2. Use over lapping circular motions, work into the paintwork a panel at a time, allowing Polish+ to clean, remove and fill light defects.

    3. Allow 5 minutes for the sealant to bond and gently wipe away any residue to reveal a deep glossy finish. Can be topped off with our Luxury Nass Wax for the perfect finish and protection.


    By Machine

    Apply as above and set your DA to a lower speed using a soft to medium pad. Over lap each pass using light pressure and remove from each section immediately after.