AutoPerfekt Silk + quick detailer

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A firm favourite amongst us here at Autoperfekt. We listened we took note and we tweaked an already great product. Silk + is a superior quick detailer using the most advanced materials we work with. Ideal for removing water spots and very light soiling whilst simultaneously enhancing Depth of colour and protection. Its unique formula is safe for use on all exterior surfaces, it is fantastic for use on all exterior paintwork, plastic, bare metal trims and wheels.

Especially effective after routine washing and drying, to help maintain previous layer’s protection and gloss levels whilst also adding insane levels of hydrophobicity.


1. Spray a light mist directly onto the surface.

2. Wipe the surface with a plush or pinpoint Microfibre ensuring a consistent level of product is maintained

3. Buff with a second cloth to a perfect wet looking finish. Even more effective when a second coating is used.