Bubbalicious Ceramic Detailer
Bubbalicious Ceramic Detailer
Bubbalicious Ceramic Detailer

Bubbalicious Ceramic Detailer

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Bubbalicious is like no other ceramic detailer. It’s ease of use & durability, provides unprecedented gloss & hydrophobic properties. Lasting up to 6 months as a stand alone product or as a top up to your current protection.


Apply Bubbalicious to clean/dry paintwork only. For best results:

  1. A light spray over one panel at a time at a distance of 15-30cms.
  2. Spread using a soft foam or ceramic applicator, in straight overlapping lines.
  3. Leave for 3-5 minutes to cure before removal.
  4. Using a clean/dry microfibre cloth buffing off the excess, folding as you go & one extra wipe with a fresh cloth to ensure all excess is removed.

Bubbalicious can also be used as a conventional detail spray, being sprayed and wiped clear.


For use on paintwork only. Avoid rubber and plastics (including interiors). Always use gloves when using chemicals. If skin or eye irritation occurs, please wash the area immediately with cold water. Keep out of reach from children! Do not ingest