High Definition Detail Graphene QD (Quick Detailer)

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Graphene QD (Quick Detailer)

  • Ultra Slickness
  • Increases Gloss Levels
  • Easy Application

Graphene Quick Detailer is formulated on a single atom thick layer of graphene this further allows more durability and slickness over a traditional quick detailing sprays.

Ultra slickness to all painted surfaces and boosting gloss levels with a very easy application, Graphene Quick Detailer will add some very impressive gloss levels, with Grapehene essentially clear at an atomic level this allows true reflection and superior gloss overall.

Directions of Use:

Spray Graphene Quick Detailer on to the panel or microfibre cloth spread for even coverage and simply buff off with a secondary microfibre towel for a ultra slickness and high gloss finish.

Size: 500ml.