High Definition Detail Grime Zero (Heavy Duty Degreaser)

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Grime Zero (Heavy Duty Degreaser)

Grime Zeró is a non-caustic water based alkaline heavy duty degreaser and cleaner with specific cleaning agents and surfactants to help clean and emulsify grime and dirt suitable for pre wash, decontamination shampoo, all purpose cleaner, tyre cleaning, wheel arches, engine bays, door shut, oil stains & much more. Grime Zeró also makes a very effective pre-wash.

Grime Zeró makes a excellent decontamination wash, aswell as a ideal alkaline shampoo for your desired cleaning task. Grime Zero is the perfect cleaner for them cleaning tasks where more cleaning power is required.

Grime Zeró is a highly concentrated formula specifically for when you require that extra cleaning power whiles remaining safe and economical in use.


  • Heavy Duty Degreaser (APC – All Purpose Cleaner)
  • Decontamination (Decon) Shampoo
  • Versatile Formula for Decon Shampoo, Tyre Cleaning, Engine Bay & Wheel Arches
  • Effective Cleaning Power
  • Highly Concentrated Formula

Direction of Use:

Use via a trigger sprayer, pump spray or foamer pump sprayer after applying your desired amount depending upon your cleaning task.

For using as a Decon Wash apply anything from 20ml + in to your wash bucket making a very effective and slick decontamination shampoo.

Dilution Ratio’s:

Lightly Soiled Areas – 25:1 to 50:1
Heavily Soiled Areas – 5:1 to 20:1

Sizes: 1 Litre & 5 Litres.