High Definition Detail - PANEL PREP (Panel Wipe)

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PANEL PREP (Panel Wipe)
Anti - Silicone Formula
Removes Polishing Oils For Perfectly Prepped Paint Work
PANEL PREP is a bodyshop consumable grade panel wipe that is ideal to use to wipe down panels before any protection is applied to ensure the perfect prep and bond.
PANEL PREP can be used to wipe down panels after polishing to remove polishing oils before applying waxes, sealants & coatings.
PANEL PREP has a meduim to fast evaporating speed time, allowing you to wipe down panels and other areas to ensure a truly cleaned surface before applying your protection of choice on either surface such as paint work, wheels, tyres, plastics & glass.
* PANEL PREP is absolutely ideal to use before applying Hydrology to allow for a better bond and enhancing durability *
Direction of use:
Simply spray on to your desired area and wipe away with a clean microfibre cloth.
PANEL PREP is available in 500ml, 1 Litre & 5 Litres.