High Definition Detail - TRADE RANGE - Ferrous iRON (Fallout Remover)

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Ferrous iRON (iRON Fallout Remover)

- Trade Version of Ferrous Ferric

- Superb Clinging Abilities

- Quick Reaction Time

- Low Odour

Ferrous iRON is the trade version of Ferrous Ferric iRON Fallout Remover Gel with lower action ingredient than Ferrous Ferric developed for a cost effective, economical solution for professional trade and alike.

With superb clinging abilities allowing for a longer dwelling time, quick reaction time & low odour.

Ferrous iRON as been developed for maintenance decontamination that will effectively remove bonded iron ferrous metals and iron fallout particles on contact.

Ferrous iRON is ideal for maintenance decontamination this features lower active ingredients than Ferrous Ferric as Ferrous Ferric is high active ingredient fallout remover please make you consumption which fallout remover you will need for you task.

Priced to be extremely cost effective for all users.

Does not come supplied with a trigger sprayer.