Jayswax Ceramic Kit
Jayswax Ceramic Kit
Jayswax Ceramic Kit
Jayswax Ceramic Kit

Jayswax Ceramic Kit

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The all popular Jayswax products. Whats in this kit:

  • Ceramic Millionaire Detailer 500ml
  • Ceramic Bubblegum 50ml Wax

The all popular Ceramic Millionaire Detailer. Protection & Shine all in one. 

This is a very effective way of adding protection to your vehicle. Applying to a clean car, and the results will speak for themselves. A hydrophobic barrier is then created, either over existing protection or as a stand alone product 

Best results: apply to a clean dry vehicle panel at a time. Spread using a soft foam pad and allow 5-10 minutes to cure (do not allow to dry)

Can also be used like a conventional QD panel at a time. Remove before 10 mins

Millionaire scent 500ml

A High Quality Ceramic Wax Coating will leave all paintwork with an incredible enhanced high gloss and extreme high hydrophobic finish with added sio2. The ceramic properties increases durability, with very nice hydrophobic qualities & radiant shine like a show wax. 

  • Apply via foam applicator
  • Applying to 1-2 panels at a time
  • Curing time of 5-10 minutes
  • 50ml pot will cover around 5 cars