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Even more sudsy, even more slicker! 

SimpleWax Suds is a PH neutral shampoo which has been over 9 months in the making. Suds has no added wax or gloss enhancing properties so it will not interfere with your LSP.

SimpleWax Suds has been designed with 2 key elements in mind, lubricity and cleaning power with the added bonus of thick luxurious suds.  Packed with carefully selected surfactants and lubricating ingredients to ensure that the surface you are working on does not suffer from wash marring leaving a perfectly clean surface.

We recommend using the 2 bucket method. SimpleWax Suds has been designed to be economical, tested down to 5ml to a 20L bucket which offered great results. We recommend the following dilution ratios:

Light soiling – 10ml -15L water

Medium soiling – 15ml – 15L water

Heavy soiling – 20ml – 15L water