MTM Hydro Astra Short Trigger With Swivel and Nozzles

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MTM Hydro's Astra Spray Gun brings a new meaning to unbreakable. With reinforced ribbed housing, this Italian Spray Gun series features an impact resistant plastic shell and a proven industry design for over 20 years.

Long trigger guns and lances are a thing of the past! These quick release short trigger guns are ideal for confined spaces. More so, they are generally just nicer to hold, feel & use!

Enhance your detailing experience with a short trigger gun, this kit includes a quick release trigger gun made by MTM, nozzle kit; includes 5 coloured nozzles and snow foam adapter. Configured with a swivel inlet which prevents your hose from kinking!

Available for Karcher K Series, Kranzle & Nilfisk, you can easily choose your selection!

Italian made.

40 Litres per minute @ 150°c Maximum Flow

350 Bar / 5000 Psi Maximum Pressure

All guns include a hose coupler and nozzle kit;

Hose Coupler:

Karcher K Series – K2, K4, K5, K7 only (does not fit C Clip models)

Nilfisk (does not fit Spigot connection)

Kranzle (M22)

Coloured Nozzle Kit + Snow Foam Adaptor:

White: 40°

Green: 25°

Yellow: 15°

Red: 0°

Black: Soap Jet

1/4: Snow Foam Adaptor