SimpleWax Armour V2

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The Difference Between V1 & V2.

Armour V1, although very easy to use, was very easy to over apply due to how soft the wax was. 

The new Armour V2 has a firmer blend, similar characteristics of a carnauba paste wax. This improvement makes Armour v2 more user friendly and efficent. 

Chemical resistant polymers have been added to this blend, aswell as other changes, increasing real world durability. 

Most importantly we have listened to your feedback and increased the curing time.

  • Firmer & User Friendly
  • New Additives
  • Refreshing Lemon scent added
  • Complete new look

How to use

For best results it is recommended that any form of paint protection is applied to decontaminated paint and out of direct sunlight. A dedicated panel wipe or IPA mix is always recommended before.

Load the applicator and dab the wax over the panel. Work the wax in circular motions, spreading the wax as far as it will go ensuring you flatten out any high spots. Spread the wax as thinly as possible and it will melt into the paint.

Cure time may vary with your environment. When swiped with a finger it  should be clear.

Remove with a short pile cloth ensuring you turn the cloth regularly and ensure no residue is present. Buff to a high shine finish with a plush cloth.