SimpleWax Liquid Armour

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  • Liquid Armour has been formulated to complement our outstanding Armour V2 Synthetic Paste Wax, or as a stand alone LSP. Liquid Armour's ease of use allows speedy application and effortless removal.

    Liquid Armour utilises the same blend as Armour V2 Synthetic Paste Wax but incorporating emulsifiers. A couple of drops will go a long way - watch as Liquid Armour melts into the paint leaving hardly anything to remove. 

    Armour Waxes party trick water behaviour is still epic! 

    When time is against you and you need protection or you need a top up, Liquid Armour Wax!

    Product Instructions

  • To get the maximum benefit we recommend that your paintwork is clean and contaminant free. Utilise the application method of your choice, Liquid Armour can also be applied by dual action polisher with a soft pad on the lowest speed.

    Apply two pea sized drops to your applicator and apply - ensuring full coverage and levelling off any high spots. Watch as liquid armour melts into your paint!


    Allow Liquid Armour to cure fully, there should be no hazing after the swipe test. Cure times vary with the conditions.


    Remove using a short nap microfiber towel, followed by a plush microfiber towel This will ensure nothing is left behind -  allow one hour between applications.

    wait for the rain!