SiRamik SC15 Glass Coating

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With our locked in formula and a product that is not decanted you can be sure of the best quality Sc15 Glass Coating straight to your door. As we do not decant this its quality is not affected, It still had its laboratory seal where it is sealed with nitrogen gas to allow for such a lengthy shelf life prior to opening and a good 6 months afterwards.

Integrity is far  more important to us as is the constant back up we offer for our products, keeping a quality product from the outset and having it speak out for us. See diagram below of the process of SC15 before it gets to its final destination.

Surface Coat is a super durable ceramic coating that is very popular with our clients and enthusiasts alike, with stunning wet looks and excellent water barrier this really is one to watch. With an ultra slick surface this will get better with time and has been reported to have travelled to Morocco and back without the need to be washed until its return. Further reports of paint protection film not adhering to the surface, surfaces staying cleaner for weeks not days longer. Surface Coat can be applied to paint, wheels, glass (with the exception of windscreen) and plastic trim so one product for all surfaces. This is a premium quality product and will no doubt leave you bewildered as to how easy the product is to apply and the capabilities it leaves behind.